Top 7 Delivery Service in Lagos 2021

Top 7 delivery service in Lagos

Welcome to ways2net, home of Review and ifos. Today we will be looking into the top 7 delivery Service in Lagos. Stay tuned as we dive in fully.

Top 7 delivery service in Lagos

Top 7 Delivery Service in Lagos 2021

  1. GidiRide service
  2. ACE
  3. Red Star Express
  4. Ezex messager Company
  5. Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX)
  6. CourierPlus company
  7. TRANZIT Nigeria.


GidiRide is one of the top delivery service in Lagos, they are systematically committed to supply value effective logistical Solutions for each business at intervals a wide lined areas of Lagos State.

With a regular delivery that gives complete flexibility, GidiRide ensures that your businesses would ne’er be placed on hold. As a number one supplying service supplier among different delivery firms in port, we provide a bunch of high tier solutions to cater to each sector.

From specific traveler delivery to e-commerce supplying, we provide customers time sure and skilled traveler services that enable our discerning customers concentrate on their business.


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ACE (Africa traveler Express) is also one of Nigeria’s largest client oriented delivery company with a first-class technology platform.

They guarantee same day and next-day delivery at intervals, Lagos and across the country at intervals seventy two hours. Their progressive technology infrastructure additionally permits for multiple rescheduling opportunities to suit the customer’s desires.

Their extremely trained client service professionals make sure that each consumer is totally happy. By providing tailor-made solutions to any or all of their supplying desires


Red Star Express

Red Star Express is among the top 10 delivery service in Lagos, also in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its international partner FedEx is among the world’s most loved brands and employers.

Over 1.7k Red Star Express team members are fully ready with the best moral and skilled standards, and therefore the desires of our customers and communities.

Red Star Express Plc provides a portfolio of full delivery solutions in Federal Republic of Nigeria which involves the used of different automobile for delivery.


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 Ezex messenger company 

Ezex is also one of the best delivery company in Lagos so far. It have achieved a high name due to its fantastic work. Providing their customers with the simplest expertise is their primary goal.

Ezex has extensive delivery and transmission network, accompanied with their older, active and glowing workers.


CourierPlus company 

CourierPlus is a leading delivery company that was launched in 2009. They supply a broad vary of categorical delivery maintenance choices to their multiple purchasers.

They are over 400 staffs working with them for the smooth moving of the company. As a definite deliveries deliver, they propose a spread of potentialities directed to assist their customers with careful and immediate delivering.


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Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX) is a leading supply Company engaged in domestic and International categorical delivery, haulage, freight and different adjunct transportation and storage services.

it’s an entirely closely-held Nigeria company that was established in 1984 as TNT Skypak Nigeria limited. In 1992 the name was modified to Trans-nationwide Express Plc.

It wanted and obtained listing on the Nigeria exchange (1st tier) in 1993. it’s presently one in all the sole supplying corporations in African country quoted on the Nigerian exchange.


 TRANZIT Nigeria


Tranzit is enabled with transportation and delivery service that allows you to find places and events supported your location. Tranzit puts folks some faucets aloof from a commissioned, vetted transportation and delivery pickup service.

For drivers, Tranzit provides access to additional passengers so that they will build more cash.

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