Mgid Review 2021- Legit or Scam?

Mgid Review 2021


If you are looking for a cool ads network that pays well, I will recommend you guys to one of the top and oldest native advancing solutions available. It’s called MGID

 Many webmasters use it as the best alternative for google adsense and it’s very good for publisher to monetize their website or blog.

About MGID

MGID was founded by a private company called MGID Inc in New York back in 2008. Over the years, It really proved itself to be a leading advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their brand messages to their respective audiences and also generated good income for publishers.

In 2016, MGID was even shortlisted for native advertising awards and from 2014, MGID Inc become part of fine and Global’s and now they moved headquarters to LA USA.

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Key benefits of MGID

Highly engaging ads:

It allows advertisers to reach out to their respective audience with highly engaging. Mgid’s ads are special designed to give visitors focused and engaged it works nicely with all devices platforms and websites wide reach.

Thanks to Mgid years of service and over 18,000 active publishers advertisers can easily get pay-per-click traffic from all Geo’s from all countries.

Mgid Review 2021

Smart campaigns

Now I’m going to share with you couple key benefits of MGID ads for publishers.

Firstly, It’s super easy to get started and get make it easy for most publishers to using their platform.

Before you can use their platform, you are required to have a minimum of 3,000 unique visits per day. This is quite low compared to what other platforms requires.

Also, email support can also be contacted for approval for those with a lower number of daily visitors but make sure visitors are organic.

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Immured ads are intuitive and well designed with the aim of keeping visitors engaged in focus and that’s generate more clicks and revenue support easy to integrate and get features .

Different native ads widgets that are easy to customize and easy to integrate to both new and existing websites. Another great thing is that they have high field rate, you get offers 100% fill rate for all countries no matter where traffic is coming from.

They have ads for it and you can monetize that traffic with them. What I don’t like is the fact that the minimum payment is $100. That’s quite high but I understand big companies always have high minimum to cash out . If you have a good website this would not be a problem. For example, February earning will be paid by the end of March.

Payment method

Their payment method includes paypal, pioneer and bank transfer. Cost per click rates varies from one to five cents. That’s pretty low if you ask me but of course this changes from time to time and it changes its world for countries. Now let me tell you a couple pros and cons about them.

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Ads placement

Let’s start with the pros, so it’s easy to use and integrate they have different native ads widgets that will work well on mobile and desktop. They have hundreds and field rate for all countries.

They do provide a personal account manager supporters by phone or email .They have been in business for many years and they know what they are doing that’s why they have over 18,000 publishers .

Couple things I don’t like as a publisher is getting low earnings. This is the truth compared to other networks like Google and others. The MIGD RPM varies between one to three dollars, that’s pretty low.


At a time it can be slightly irrelevant to audience interest and this means less clicks which means less money.


This MGID review article is composed by Ways2net Team, we are neither paid nor reward for the review. We write to tell the world our experience so far.

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