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Tips on how to make more Income as a Graphics Designer

Tips on how to make Income as a Graphics Designer



Tips on how to make Income as a Graphics Designer

Make more Income as a graphics designer.

In this article 8 tips on how to make more Income as a graphic designer will be discussed. Every graphic designer needs cash and also wants to grow their daily income. It pays so well to work from bed, but to work till a day goes by and you get no money is not too cool.

It’s like having a supermarket and no one comes to buy. You have the skills and you have all it takes to be a graphic designer.

Advertising Your Daily Design


The number one way to make more income as a graphic designer is by advertising your daily designs. I’m not a graphic designer but I have friends(The CEO of Etiketa an example) with great skills in print designs, who do lots of print designs daily ranging from flyer designs, billboard, notebooks packaging and any other print design you may think of.


Lots of people even on social media know them for that because they have spent lots of my time building their design skills in that aspect of graphic design. You can check out designs on Instagram or Facebook, so you can get to know the area of graphic design that fits you. I mean get to know your style and build your skill in that area.


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Make designs pertaining to your style and start advertising your designs and very soon you will see potential clients coming to you for the type of services you offer. He’s my big friend ;a blogger, writer and a graphic designer


Create and sell templates.


The Second tip on my list to make more income as a graphic designer is to create and sell templates. There are thousands of graphic designers out there who do not have enough time to start a design from scratch, to your end all they want is to get a template make some finishing touches and their design is done.


Okay here is the thing, I make researches and I have got two ways to do this. Below are the ways.


It’s either you create the template and upload your designs to a website that allows you to get a percentage on every purchase of your design. you can use websites like freepik or shooterstock and other websites so numerous to mention.


The Second way i would recommend is to sell the template directly to graphic designers who will need them using your social media accounts either facebook twitter or instagram. i’ve friends who had done this many times and found great success in it.


All you should do is to get connected to as many graphic designers as possible or you’ll need your templates and advertise it daily. You can create a Facebook page especially for that and tag each design template with its price or you can create a website made specially to sell your design template. I recommend wix.com or wordpress for the start.


Selling books on Amazon


The next on my list is selling books on Amazon though haven’t tried this yet but i have a friend who sells books on Amazon and he says it’s a very nice idea to get into it all you want to do is to pour out all your ideas.

Design the book cover and create an account on amazon do the necessary settings and upload the pdf file and its cover. You will get a percentage on every purchase made on that book, i’m sure it’s referred to you passive income.


Teach a course

The next on my list which is the number four tips on how to make more Income as a graphic designer is teaching a course. Many graphic designers have the gift of teaching and if you say you can’t teach then you don’t know what you are doing because you teach what you know.

Creating and teaching online courses can fetch you lots of money as a graphic designer. You can search for a website that allows you to create courses or better still you go for physical training, get interested persons and teach them physically and they you get paid for the classes.



Design and Sell fonts online


The Fifth way to make more income as a graphic designer is to design fonts and upload them to a website which allows you to get a percentage on every font purchased.

Remember that fonts is different from templates, both can be sold online.


Yes you can do that all you have to do is build your skill and make lots of creative fonts and sign up to a website like myfont.com upload those fonts and you will get to know how much you get on every purchase and that would be a nice idea.


Selling Digital Product


The next on my list is selling digital products like graphic design resources. Maybe you are good at creating illustrations, paintings, infographics, backgrounds and stock images. You can sign up to a graphic design website and sell your resources or better still you do a direct marketing and sell your resources directly.


Selling physical products


The next on my list is selling physical products. Many designers are making money from selling physical products like designed t-shirts, gift boxes and stickers. All you should do is get the products ready and start telling people you have something to sell.

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Of course, people prefer customized products to ready-made products. Imagine yourself telling your friends you can make t-shirts that has their name or their face on it, they will always want to get stuff like that.


Sell your service on Fiverr


The last but not the least which will make up the number eight tips on how to make more income as a graphic designer is to sell your services on fiverr.com.


Clients do employ designers on fiverr to handle their design work. Just sign up to fiverr and advertise your design then get ready to make money. I read Lots on blogs online of graphic designer who said they get up to 10 clients on fiverr every week.


Thanks for reading the tips on how to make more Income as a graphic designer will be discussed.

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