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Dreamhost Review 2021: Legit or Scam?

Dreamhost review

In today’s hosting review we will be looking at Dreamhost hosting company.

About Dreamhost

Dreamhost is now almost 25 years old hosting company that had hosted over 1.5 million sites. They had and still selling hosting out to different companies and the likes. Are they the best of all? Let’s see

They are one of the oldest hosting providers but will they be able to match up to the technology of today’s popular hosting providers? Let’s check it out.

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Dreamhost review

Let’s start with a feature that everyone wants to know uptime. Uptime is like your website’s ventilator. It goes down and your website goes down with it yikes. Well, with dreamhost this is not that big of a problem I monitored a website for a given time and it resulted in 99.94 uptime.

Obviously, this is not the best score but it is what it is right and dreamhost also gives 100 uptime guarantee. So if you ever face downtime you will be reimbursed for the same.

The speed of your website is heavily dependent on the hosting provider a poorly designed host can slow your website down and eventually start deflecting your incoming traffic revenues and rankings.

It’s scary just to imagine it i ran a test on a website hosted by dreamhost and it took 670 milliseconds to load the entire website completely. it’s not a bad score but considering the fact that you’ll be loading up your website with plugins code themes and whatnot.

This load time won’t take long before reaching the 1000 millisecond mark. That is where the trouble begins another important aspect that most buyers don’t pay attention to is customer support.

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Customer service/support

Good customer support can make or break the reputation of the company when it comes to hosting. It can get pretty technical and intimidating for a novice user. I mean hosting architecture design systems dns ssl and whatnot, it can get pretty scary.

If you’re all alone but don’t worry dreamhost gives 24/7 support with email as well as chat support not just that, you also get access to a comprehensive knowledge base that can answer most of your queries and if you prefer getting your query resolved via over a call you can use the phone support callback.

About Dreamhost Cpanel

Let’s talk about the back end and cpanel. Cpanel is like your control station for the websites you are hosting. Well, you won’t be using this every day but when you do you would wanted to get the job done as soon as possible.

Right with dreamhost you get a custom panel to help you manage your hosting. You get all the options you might need in this dashboard.

You can also create a new email account, add an ssl certificate, forward domains add users and even install wordpress using the wizard in seconds.

I’m sure you would agree that pricing plays a huge role no matter how fantastic the features are. Most popular hosting providers offer three or even four pricing plans to choose from but dreamhost likes to keep it simple with just two options for a given hosting type.

For example, let’s consider shared hosting. You can go with the starter or the unlimited plan the starter plan costs just 2.95 cents per month and lets you host a single website with unlimited traffic, wordpress pre-installed, free migrations, ssd storage and website builder. You also get a free domain with a free ssl certificate for added security.

If you want to add an email you can do it for less than two dollars per month. If you go with the unlimited plan it will cost you three dollars and ninety five cents per month and for this price you get the option to host unlimited websites a free single domain, unlimited traffic, free automated wordpress migrations, fast ssd storage and a website builder.

Moreover, you can add unlimited emails to your domain at no extra cost. It is truly unlimited indeed if you want whois lookup protection. For the free domain you can get it as an add-on while checking out. Not just shared hosting, Dreamhost offers vps hosting, dedicated hosting, wordpress managed hosting, cloud computing and even woocommerce hosting.


You can check them out on their website to takek a look at the features and checked out the pricing as well.

So do you think Dreamhost is the best option for you? I would say not really while Dreamhost hosts all the features and functionalities it still lacks in some areas like uptime and speed the shortcomings are not that significant.

If you think dreamhost might not be the best options you’re looking for something serious if you asked me which is the best Hosting provider I would say Siteground.

In a heartbeat, Siteground offers way better performance features and functionality for a similar price it is loaded with more advanced options and security tools that make it worth it.

If you’re going to pay that price why not get the best for the money right if you wish to know why I say siteground is the best check out my siteground review.

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