Content Distribution: Everything You Need to Know Right Now

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Content distribution refers to the act of getting people to actually see your content – whether it’s an article, a video, or something else entirely. It doesn’t matter if you write the most brilliant piece of content in the world; if no one sees it, you’re not going to get much traction with it. Here are some quick tips on how to ensure that people actually read your content.

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Why content distribution is important?

Content distribution

There are only two types of content on your website—content you distribute, and content you don’t. It’s not enough to just post a ton of new, great stuff on your site every day; if you aren’t also posting that great stuff out into social media, onto blogs or other websites, or syndicating it via email and RSS feeds then you are doing yourself a disservice. Simply getting all that high-quality content up on your own website isn’t enough these days; you need to make sure that people can find it across multiple platforms.

One of your main goals as a marketer is to grow your audience, and there’s no way to do that without reaching out beyond your own website. But if you aren’t familiar with content distribution or don’t know where to start, it can be pretty overwhelming trying figure out what all needs to be done. Don’t fret; it isn’t as hard as it seems.

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How to distribute your content across platforms

Before you begin, there are some key considerations you’ll want to be sure you have a handle on. First, what platforms do you plan on marketing your content through? While certain social media channels are better for engagement than others (we’ll get into that shortly), it’s a good idea to decide which ones you plan on using prior to building out your distribution plan.

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Next, how much time can you dedicate each day/week/month towards promoting and distributing your content? If you’re working full-time or raising kids, chances are you won’t have as much time as someone in school or with less of a work schedule—meaning your distribution efforts will need to be more focused and intentional. Once you understand these factors (and perhaps run a quick audit of your current skillset), we’re ready to build our plans. Finally we’ll follow up on that plan and make sure it was executed according to our standards. Let’s take a look at each of these steps in turn.

Why you need a strategy

One of your top responsibilities as a content marketer is content distribution. The challenge, however, is that many marketers don’t have a strategy in place for properly distributing their content. This lack of strategy can lead to lost opportunities and missed opportunities when it comes to getting your content seen by people who are more likely than others to help it spread virally. When you plan out how you’re going to distribute your content in advance, you set yourself up for success—and you make sure that everything goes according to plan. Take a look at these tips below if you want to maximize your potential.

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How to create a content strategy

Before you get started, remember that distribution is only half of content marketing. The other half is creating good content in the first place. Start by creating a content strategy—because if you don’t have a plan before you start, you may end up spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to avoid common mistakes, here are some free resources on how to create an effective content strategy.

Tools that will make it easier for you

When it comes to content distribution, many marketers worry about automation tools. Their concern is that using such tools will make their efforts seem inauthentic and detract from their relationships with customers. Indeed, I’ve seen plenty of examples where that’s exactly what happened—people didn’t know they were being pushed information, and it upset them when they found out. So don’t use those tools if you think they would cause a negative reaction; instead, here are a few manual methods that work well for most companies.

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As we mentioned earlier, posting on social media accounts often just isn’t enough. You need additional ways to get your content in front of people as soon as possible after its been published—and again as time goes on. Several tools can help with that. They vary widely in terms of complexity and cost, but they all have one thing in common: They allow you to analyze where customers are hanging out online and show them relevant pieces of your content based on those locations.

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