Coinbase Review 2021 – Is Coinbase legit?


Welcome to Ways2net, today’s review is based on Coinbase. Sit back to enjoy our review as we dive in.


About Coinbase

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and it’s one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges that is fully regulated. You can buy and sell over 20 pairs of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The user experience is pretty smooth on both; the mobile app and the website.


Need to know

Most things that you’ll need to do are very intuitive, the buying process is extremely quick as well as when you go to transfer it out maybe to another service.

To separate a wallet you can link coinbase to your bank account with plaid in about two minutes, then you can buy your cryptocurrency and have it available.


How Coinbase works

To instantly transfer out they take all sorts of payment options like bank transfer credit cards and debit cards. The fee structure is a little complicated but it’s pretty fair compared to other exchanges.

They take a small portion of the total transaction and a flat fixed fee and whichever one is higher they’ll take that as their fee. Coinbase also has a totally separate but still partnered app called Coinbase wallet.

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That lets you manage your own wallets as well as use decentralized apps. These are extremely powerful that open the doors to other crypto, but it is more of an advanced move. So if you’re just getting started don’t worry about it.

All you need to know is that coinbase exchange gives you seamless access to coinbase wallet which will let you dive deeper into the crypto world.

If you want as great as everything sounds there are a few considerations to think about. First, cryptocurrency is still relatively unstable now. To be fair it’s not as bad as it was a couple years ago but it’s still pretty.

So for example 1 usd coin is always going to be worth one us dollar, so these could be used to stabilize your investment. These could be a good place to park some cash. Digital currencies are insured but not for individual accounts.

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So if your personal account gets phished, you’re out of luck. But if coinbase servers get hacked, that’s where the insurance kicks in, not thrilled about relying on that but since ideally you have instant transfers and you’re holding your cryptocurrency in a safer place.

This should have a pretty small chance of actually affecting you, we highly recommend transferring your cryptocurrencies out of coinbase to a cryptocurrency interest account like celsius because they are safer and you’ll be earning interest on them


it is obvious to perceive any reason why Coinbase has drawn in a huge client base that presently surpasses more than 30 million clients. The overall selling point is that the stage makes it a super consistent cycle to enter the digital currency market for the absolute first time.

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