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4 Business Meeting Tips you Need to Note

4 Business Meeting Tips you Need to Note

See 4 Business Meeting Tips you Need.

Wondering how your business meetings can be successful? Let’s see 4 Business Meeting Tips you Need to Note.

I have participated and even facilitated thousands of meetings. Over the years, I have experienced and seen my fair share of very unsuccessful business meetings. Meetings where they’re as seen as time-wasters.

So with this article, I’m going to share with you my four business meeting tips that are going to make sure that your meetings are seen as valuable and not wasting people’s times. Let’s get to it.

4 Business Meeting Tips you Need to Note

 Establish Purpose, Goal, And Agenda.

All right. People may think that this is obvious, but surprisingly, it’s not because these are very specific things that a lot of people don’t put in their meeting invites.

Let’s look at the first one, the purpose. Why are you having the meeting? What is the purpose of you bringing everyone together? If you have a clear understanding of that, and you may have a couple purposes. You really have to know, does it make sense to combine those purposes together?

That’s why it’s really important to put purpose in your meetings so people understand why they’re all getting together. So really be clear if you’re getting people together to make some decisions, you may want to put that down as your goal. That, we have an answer to this activity one or two, whatever that may be.

Lastly is agenda. It’s a given. Not, unfortunately. You really have to think about that agenda in advance. If you we’re the only one on the agenda, then I guess, you can probably do that agenda quite close to the meeting time. But if you’re bringing in other people, then you have to give them preparatory time to do their agenda item.

You then have to ensure that the participants know exactly what’s on that agenda. So you should minimum give it out 24 hours in advance, 48 hours, more would even be great if you can. But if you can’t, I would say those are kind of the bare minimum to go with. You want to ensure you follow it through.

More importantly, put a time associated with it. I don’t know how many times. As soon as I put a time against an agenda item, I had to rearrange my agenda all over again. Even kick some things out because of that. So to have really successful business meetings, purpose, goal, and agenda is a must.


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 Concentrate on the meeting.

This may seem like another obvious one, but you’ll be quite surprised people don’t concentrate on the meeting. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people multitasking during meetings, which really is a big no-no. I also find it’s interesting too, because when we talk about meetings, we put a lot of ownership on the facilitator, but as a participant, you have a role to play as well. That is the concentration.

So turn off your phones, turn off your laptops if you are in live meetings. Obviously if you’re in virtual calls, you’re going to need to have your laptop on, but don’t start doing other tasks. It really is disruptive to the flow of what’s going on, particularly when someone calls upon you and you’re not paying attention. Why? Because you’re multitasking and you’re not concentrating.

So yes, it is important for the facilitator to have jobs and responsibilities and ensuring that the meeting is set up for success, but it’s also the responsibility of the participant to participate properly by concentrating on the meeting. That’s how you’re going to have successful business meetings.

 Discussions and Q&A.

If you’re going to have a meeting, your meeting is not just to update people. In fact, I hope you don’t have update meetings. I hope you can those, or if you do have them, you just do them like quarterly. Believe you me. There’s a whole bunch of other technology to help you with updates.

So if you’re together in a meeting, it really is to discuss, it’s to have questions, it’s to brainstorm, it’s to resolve. So you need to make sure that everyone is participating. This is something too for successful business meetings, I see a lot of one-sided conversations. People who are extremely extroverted, who have an opinion, who are always the ones that are speaking. Then there’s a lot of individuals who maybe shy, more introverted, who don’t speak up, but I promise you have amazing ideas. So one of the things you can do to have successful business meetings is ensure everyone’s participation.

A really good trick that I do, When I have a major question to be answered, or I need some input, I allow for everyone, on a piece of paper, to write down their thoughts. I give everyone 10, 15 minutes. Then afterwards, we go around the room or on the virtual call, we go along the windows ask what they feel about it.

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This is a great way to get great discussion, and a lot of good questions answered when people are properly participating and you call upon everyone at the meeting.

End with an action plan.

I get crazed when I go into a meeting that I’m not running, I’m a participant. We go through everything, and then we talk about a lot of stuff. But no one is taking notes and no one got assigned anything, but yet a whole bunch of tasks were said that had to be done, but who owns it? When are they due?

I find this crazy that you’re bringing all these important people together, and yet you’re not ending your meeting with some action item plans. I see a lot of people taking minutes on what was said, but again, the most important part, who’s going to take responsibility for the key things that you all decided on gets left and lost. Then you wonder why your business initiatives are not moving forward because your business meetings were really ineffective, wasting people’s time.

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So the biggest gift you can give to yourself is ensure that as you’re talking about things and you’re coming to resolution, action needs are being addressed. Assign a person’s name to it, assign a due date, capture that. Better yet, the last five minutes of every meeting, repeat it so everyone is very clear with the takeaway and the expectations coming out of that meeting.

Now that you know how to run a successful business meeting, good for you. I’m excited for you because I think you’re going to find tons of value. Your meetings are going to be looked at as being effective and efficient and not wasting people’s time.

If you’re in business meetings, you definitely have project meetings and you want to know to ensure how your projects are not wasting people’s time. Thanks for reading the 4 Business Meeting Tips, it will help you more.

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